November 9, 2023 19:00-22:00, Online

World Usability Day Austria 2023

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2023 Theme

Collaboration and Cooperation









Save the Date: World Usability Day Austria 2023, 9 November 2023, 7:00PM (CET)

WUD Austria 2023

Since 2020, UX communities all over Austria come together to organize one collaborative event for World Usability Day. This year will be fully remote - so you can attend from anywhere around the globe!
Join us at the World Usability Day Austria 2023!

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Who’s speaking

Our well curated speakers and hosts at this years WUD Austria

Steffi Susser
Founder & CEO - LSx creative studio e.U.
Lukas Wohofsky
Researcher & Lecturer - Carinthian University of Applied Sciences
Johannes Lehner
Initiator - UX Graz | Regional Representative - UXPA Austria


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Warm Welcome

  • moderated by Johannes Lehner (UX Graz)

A warm welcome to World Usability Day Austria 2023, a unique gathering of UX communities from across Austria, all coming together for a collaborative and insightful event. Today, we are delighted to have Johannes Lehner from UX Graz moderating our sessions, guiding us through a series of engaging talks and discussions.

As we commence, we take a moment to shed light on our chosen theme for this year: 'Collaboration and Cooperation.' Our focus is steadfast on accessibility and inclusive design, crucial elements in fostering a digital environment that is welcoming and usable for everyone. So, let’s embark on this journey together, exploring ways to enhance usability and inclusivity in the digital world.

  • 19:00 - 19:15
  • Online

Accessibility and Inclusive Design - Same same or different?

  • Steffi Susser

Accessibility and Inclusive Design are crucial in the digital world. While related, they are distinct concepts. A deep dive into their specific features provides a clearer perspective on their individual and combined impacts on user experience. With actionable strategies you can integrate both seamlessly into your daily workflow, ensuring that your creations are not only universally accessible but also resonate with a diverse audience.

About the speaker
Steffi started her journey in digital product design 14 years ago, assuming various roles before transitioning from a Developer to a Freelance UX Consultant 7 years ago. Called a 'design Swiss army knife' by clients, she is proficient in refining design teams and processes. Steffi lives by the principle that digital products should not only be functional and aesthetic but also human-friendly, underscoring the essence of accessibility and inclusivity in every project.

  • 19:15 - 20:00
  • Online

Inclusion Through Cooperation: Potentials of Participatory Research in the Field of Autism

  • Lukas Wohofsky

How can participatory research help to overcome challenges in inclusion of people on the autism spectrum in their daily life? In two research projects, autism inclusive environments were developed in strong cooperation with community researchers and participants in research activities. It takes specific approaches to include people on the autism spectrum in research and thus enable inclusion and give people a voice to co-design inclusive environments that meet their needs.

About the speaker
Lukas Wohofsky is a Senior Researcher & Lecturer at the study program Healthcare and Nursing and one of the heads of the research unit ENABLE for Health, inclusion & care. His research is based on participatory approaches and focuses on creating inclusive environments, promoting health and wellbeing and developing assistive technologies for different user groups. One particular focus is the field of autism, where he works together with people concerned and other experts to make daily life more autism-friendly.

  • 20:00 - 20:45
  • Online

Collaborative Activities

  • All Attendees

Ready for a quick recharge? Join us for an interactive and energizing collaborative activity, or feel free to take a 15-minute screen break to refresh. For those diving into the activity, get ready for some fun and engaging tasks that will keep the momentum going. Let’s keep the energy high as we gear up for the closing panel discussion!

  • 20:45 - 21:00
  • Online

Panel Discussion

  • moderated by Johannes Lehner (UX Graz)

Concluding our insightful sessions, we extend a warm invitation to representatives from all communities across Austria to join us in a comprehensive panel discussion. This is a unique opportunity to share perspectives, discuss key takeaways from today’s talks, insights, and the current state of inclusive design and accessibility. Together, we’ll unpack the challenges, address the issues, and shed light on the pitfalls that need our attention.

Following the official agenda, don’t miss out on the Open Networking Session — an informal space to connect, network, and continue the conversations sparked during the event. Everyone is welcome!

  • 21:00 - 22:00
  • Online


Online via Zoom / YouTube

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